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Lovingly-Made in a Family-Owned Bakery

Enjoy our tempting, tasty treats created from recipes handed down from generations, starting with Helen “Mommie” Williams. Mommie Helen taught us that love and care adds an almost magical property to baked goods. They can empower and lift the spirit in troubled times and enhanced joy shared by friends and family in celebratory moments. It’s why you always get more than what you pay for at the Original Mommie Helen Bakery. With recipes handed down from generation to generation, our baked goods are more than just the sum of the ingredients. Each one is lovingly made with pride in family and in tradition. Perfection isn’t achieved through assembly lines, but through hard work, quality ingredients and attention to details. It involves a full understanding that to appeal to the stomach, baked goods must first appeal to the eyes.

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Made From Scratch Using Natural Ingredients

From our moist red velvet cakes through our legendary sweet potato pies, our treats are all made from scratch using only high-quality, natural ingredients. Try our chocolate frosted white cake cupcakes, our toe-curling peach cobbler or another favorite, our 7-Up cake. Whether it is a birthday, holiday, graduation or a Tuesday, cakes, pies and cobblers from the Original Mommie Helen Bakery makes any day more special. See for yourself!

Where Sweetness Lives

The Original Mommie Helen Bakery is proud to call the San Bernardino area home. We are pleased to participate in community events and be a part of Farmers Markets. If you can’t make it to our bakery or to one of these community events, you can find our cakes, cobblers, and pies at the Crenshaw Farmers Market in Los Angeles or Tom’s Farm in Corona.

Let us Bring the Sweetness to You

Contact us to bring our cakes or pies to a school for a fundraising event, for office or holiday parties or even birthday parties. We will be pleased to bake your custom order for your special event and bring the sweetness to you. Take your special event to a new level with pies, cakes, and cobbler from The Original Mommie Helen Bakery. We make every occasion special.


A Word About Those Sweet Potato Pies

In our family, sweet potato pie was a delicacy reserved only for special holidays. Mommie Helen passed that recipe down. Today, that same sweet potato pie is made by her granddaughter. Now, you can have it any day.

People come to the Original Mommie Helen Bakery from all over just to enjoy what has become our legendary, old-fashioned sweet potato pie. Let us help take you back to a time when life was slower and moments more appreciated. A time when goodness melted on our tongues and felt warm once swallowed. We want to make a special invitation for you to try our sweet potato pie.

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Browse our Menu, Place an Order and Come See Us!

See why we’ve become the choice for an increasing number of celebrities in the area. View our baked goods and place an order in advance, or if you prefer, you’re always welcome to walk-in. When was the last time you experienced a dessert that made you feel like a little kid in your mother’s kitchen? Experience the Original Mommie Helen Bakery for yourself.

Contact the Original Mommie Helen’s Bakery for more information by calling 909-384-7052

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