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We are here to service you, the community, our patrons, our family, our friends. Our baking services are offered to all our customers, no matter their backgrounds or lifestyles. It is our mission to make the process of ordering your baked goods as easy and as pleasant as possible. We strive to provide you with exceptional service and to deliver to you the best freshly baked products you could have imagined.

















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Pick-Up Orders

We know life is life; it’s busy; it’s complex. All orders that you make online will be available for pick up at our bakery location 1440 South East Street, San Bernardino, California, within 1 hour of placing the order during normal store hours. Please remember we bake fresh daily. Any orders that are consist of 3 dozen or more are treated as special orders and are subject to availability for a same-day pick up, but it will always be available within a 24-hour notice.

Occasional Cake Pops

Advance Orders

We are delighted to fulfill any advance orders. We take advance orders up to 120 days in advance when you need to plan for your perfect event. We do require that payment be made in full for all advance orders 45 days prior to date of the event.

Special Orders (24-hour advance-notice preferred)

We love our baked goods and we love to our special orders! Special orders can take on many different forms and this is an opportunity for us to put Mommie Helen’s secret recipes to work.  If you order 3 dozen or more of any of our baked goods, it will be considered a special order. As you know, our baked goods are baked fresh daily, and they are baked in small quantities at a time. The 24-hour notice gives us enough time to ensure we can fulfill your special order.

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Dietary Restrictions

We know. No one’s diet is the same. Many of us have food allergies. But most of us still want our Mommie Helen’s pies, cobblers and cakes. We know this. So we are trying to consider special dietary restrictions, custom flavors, or custom designs and determine how we can make it work while still providing the same amazing baked goods. If you have a dietary restriction, contact us at (909) 384-7052 to learn more.

The Original Mommie Helen’s Customer Rewards Card

As a part of our Mommie Helen’s want to give back to the community and to benefit our loyal customers, the Original Mommie Helen’s Bakery offers Mommie Helen’s Customer Rewards Card. We know you regulars. We know you by face and name. And we want to thank you. When you stop in and purchase any baked good, we will give you a  Rewards Card. Be sure to have your card punched with every purchase. Visit 10 times and you will receive a baked good of your choice! The honor is on us.

Event Pricing

The Original Mommie Helen’s Bakery would be most happy to bring our extensive catering experience to your business and your event. We offer baked goods for the following events:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Holiday Parties

  • Company Parties

  • Private Parties

  • Weddings

  • Other Community Event

Colorful Pastries
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